New Students

Interested parents may pick up an application any time in the school office or submit a request by clicking on the “apply” helmet on the home page. BIRTH certificates must be presented at registration.  Students must also take a Readiness Test administered by the school. In addition, a physical examination is required, and the child’s IMMUNIZATION RECORD MUST BE COMPLETE AND ON FILE  before he/she is allowed to attend class.  Siblings and parishioners have priority for acceptance if all requirements are met. Interested families are also encouraged to contact the school office for a tour of the school, as well as invited to our annual Open House in February.

For admission to GRADES  TWO THROUGH EIGHT, evidence of satisfactory record in the school last attended is required.  Certificates of BIRTH and IMMUNIZATIONS, and an entrance assessment exam are also part of the admission process.


If a child is transferring to another school during the school year, parents are requested to inform the teacher and principal at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. All records will be FORWARDED TO THE NEW SCHOOL upon the new school’s request. 

bg-pdf 2015-2016 Parent Student Handbook