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Making Music with Soundation!

With music increasingly turning digital, students no longer just use instruments like piano or guitar, they use digital sounds to create songs. Soundation is a powerful tool for creating music online. It keeps it as simple as possible to learn basics of audio production without the expensive software and it’s all free:

Check it out here:

Students learn Soundation to make beats and songs.

Students learn Soundation to make beats and songs.

Photo Editing has come to OLMM! 

PIXLR (a photoshop-like editing software) has been introduced to our school to tremendous results. With this free software, students can edit at school and at home without having to purchase software. Students have created their own version of Andy Warhol’s Campbell Can as well as begun illustrating a new Dodger Billboard.

Students creating their digital works of art.

Students creating their digital works of art.

PIXLR is here! 

PIXLR is a software similar to Photoshop except it’s free and can be used on Macs and PC’s. Using PIXLR, students can edit photos and create graphics with such ease, control, and speed and produce amazing results. Students can express their ideas, create art, and make their best work using this software.

PCWorld calls it, “Pixlr is like a free superclean online version of Photoshop; and considering that it operates within a browser window, the software is amazingly robust. Pixlr’s various tools have a distinctly artistic bent. For instance, the pencil tool simulates using the tip or edge of a pencil, depending on how you move the cursor. The software also comes with excellent filters galore. Your first impression is likely to be, “Is this really free?”

Get familiar with the software here:



#Hour Of Coding Is Here! 

What is Hour Of Coding? It’s a nationwide initiative to get students to learn how to “code.” What is coding? That’s what our students at OLMM our learning in the computer lab. Using Lighbot, students program a robot to complete puzzles. It’s challenging, fun, and gets students to use core computer programming principles at a young age.

The New York Times even raved about students using this software, “Lightbot is great fun and does a surprisingly thorough job of introducing some pretty complex principles of programming.”

Read the full article here:

Hour of Coding K-8

Hour of Coding K-8

Web Design Month is coming to the Computer Lab!

At Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, Grades 4th thru 8th will engage an intermediate level of Web Design using Weebly. Web Design is an instrumental skill for 21st Century Learners and easy and fun way to learn. Weebly uncomplicates web design using a simple interface that gets students thinking about information design + aesthetics while introducing aspects of HTML.

Get familiar with software here:

Game Design in the Computer Lab

At Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, Grades 3rd thru 8th will engage in varying levels of Game Design using Sploder. Many technology-first institutions across the world have used Sploder in a classroom environment to teach game design. It lets students create a game or puzzle that others can solve in a fun and challenging way. This gets them thinking about problem solving and storytelling at a young age.

As Sploder puts it, “game design uses the whole brain, from the artistic side of creating art and graphics, to the analytical side of creating interesting game levels that work.”

Get familiar with software and try out a demo of Sploder here:

Sploder lets you make games.

Sploder lets you make games.

Meet the Geniuses at OLMM

In Computer and Electronic Arts, we have the “O.L.M.M. Genius of the Week.” This is a special opportunity for students who are advanced in technology to volunteer during Computer and Electronic Arts class time to assist fellow students during projects.

Geniuses wear a special lanyard that shows other students who they are. Becoming a Genius puts students in a teaching role where they have fun helping others. Students are encouraged to sign up and will receive service hours for their time served. 7th Grader Jonathan enjoyed his role, saying, “Being a Genius makes feel good being able to share my knowledge of computers with other students.”

Stop by the Lab to sign up today!

Geniuses in Computer Lab

From Left: George, Jonathan, Dante, Aidan; Bottom: Amaya, Kristy