School Reach

In our effort to improve communication, OLMM School is implementing a telephone broadcast system that will enable personnel to notify all households and individuals by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event. The service may also be used from time-to-time to communicate general announcements or reminders. This service is provided by SchoolReach, a company specializing in effective communications.


When used, the service will call all phone numbers in our selected contact lists and will deliver a recorded message from an administrator. The service will deliver the message to both live answer and answering machines. No answers (phones ringing over 40 sec.) and busies will be automatically retried twice in fifteen minute intervals after the initial call.


Here is some specific information you should know:

  • Caller ID: The Call ID will display 323-728-5435, which is the main number for OLMM School.
  • Live Answers: There is a short pause at the beginning of the message, usually a few seconds. Answer your phone as you normally would; “hello” and hold for the message to begin. Multiple “hellos” will delay the message. Inform all family members who may answer your phone of this process.
  • Answering Machines: The system will detect that your machine has answered and will play the recording to your machine. The phone will ring for up to 40 seconds. Make sure that your machine answers after four rings or you may miss the message.
  • Message Repeat: At the end of the message you will be prompted to ‘press any key’ to hear the message again. This is very helpful when someone other than the intended recipient initially answers, allowing the recipient to then ‘repeat’ the message in its entirety.